Being a member of an organization has its benefits. At a sports club, if you are a member for instance, you get access to exclusive facilities and get extra-ordinary bargains on the services offered at a club. You access the spa, the gym, the drinks and the food at low prices. Many people frequently visit these social amenities to enjoy the fringe benefits of being members of the clubs. They bring along families, friends and even associates, to have them sample a taste of what being a member means. Several parastatals and even banking institutions have sought to leverage themselves as the one stop place for potential members with statements such as ‘mimi ni member’ being coined to ensure sales and brand loyalty are boosted.

At KEMRA, just as it is with the members’ clubs, we boast of similar advantages to our members. Each year we recruit hundreds of members who from time to time, get to enjoy the many benefits of being a member of KEMRA. Have you ever imagined having someone to give you voice when you are up against the elements? KEMRA offers its members a voice when confronted with issues of insurance, dealing with government policy, ensuring that you get your vehicle serviced at high end garages that are certified by KEMRA among more.  KEMRA Chairman Eng. Bernard Ngore says ‘I have been a member of KEMRA since its inception. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the benefits of getting my car repaired at a good repair shop. I have enjoyed the cordial relationship that the association has with government agencies and its members’. ‘My car broke down during a trip to my upcountry home and I was at a loss on where to take it for repair. I checked the KEMRA website and was glad to get a referral on the website’.

Part of exclusive services that KEMRA offers its members include promotion of member businesses through group advertising campaigns and online promotions. This ensures that members enjoy first class treatment. We ensure that from time to time, we let the public know the best garages to visit in town, the best spare part shops to visit as well as representing members’ issues to relevant government agencies and authorities.

For an annual membership fee and an easy sign up procedure which can be done through our website and by visiting our offices, you get to enjoy all these services and counsel from KEMRA. If you are looking for a motor vehicle organization that will have your interests at heart, look no further than us. Welcome to KEMRA.


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